Great Bay Bridge Club
 ACBL Club #260653

Just south of Portsmouth Traffic Circle

Open games Mondays at 10:30 am
(and occasional Fridays where noted)

Fight Dementia — Play Bridge!

 MONDAY January 23rd Ports game sn*wed out. :)

FRIDAY, January 27th game has been added to our schedule at the Senior Center - to make up for this cancellation game. See everyone on the 27th !  


Welcome to Great Bay bridge!  Games start at 10:30 am and end about 2:30 pm with a :15 lunch break. We charge players $7 to play. Our Great Bay SCHEDULE has regular charity games (extra masterpoints!) and games with lots of fun. The schedule of all N.H. bridge events for 2023 can be found on the NHBA web site Come visit!

NOTE: we cancel games on snow days same as Portsmouth


FRIDAY GAMES were added for 2023 when the Senior Center closes on Mondays for Federal and State holidays
  Please come and enjoy a break from "Monday" bridge!


On the first Mondays in Feb, Apr, June, Aug, and Oct, we serve complimentary PIZZA! PIZZA!

==== WELCOME BACK ~ The Brewsters  ======

What a treat to have Charlie present Betty with flowers while asking to be her partner at one of our Fall games. 

Mr and Mrs Charles Brewster are back!
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brewster of Newington, New Hampshire

==== COME EARLY AND LEARN...  ======

Come at 9:45 a.m. and hear ten-time State Champion Ron Mak explain his favorite gadgets and plays!  Email notices are sent to Club membership with his topic du jour for the week we hold one of these educational sessions. 

Discussion starts ~ 9:45 before every game



To:  Great Bay Bridge Club

UPDATED Feb 1, 2022

Subject: Senior Activity Center facility users - Mask Optional

As the NH Department of Health and Human Services continues to report an increase in cases, hospitalizations and positivity rates of COVID-19, the City is recommending:
  • All players FULLY vaccinated
    Each person must present proof of vaccination, and two weeks passed since the final shot. Players that do not provide proof will not be permitted to play or kibitz. You only need to present proof of vaccination once to play regularly in our games.

Parking is available on either side of the Senior Activity Center. Please enter the building through the front door. The Director is our normal standby as a fill-in partner. However, when the game gets very large we cannot guarantee a partner since the ACBL discourages a playing director for certain special games or games with 15+ tables.

Need a partner? Come early for the best chance of securing a partner-- or call one of the contacts listed below two days before the game to be listed on our Partnership Requested sheet maintained at the Director table.

Club Contacts
David Lawrence: 603-609-8109
Pam Robinson: 207-752-7664
Ron Ouellet: 603-674-7478

Club Directors
Larr Cheetham: 603-623-0123
Peter Matthews:  508-245-3332

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