Great Bay Bridge Club
 ACBL Club #260653


Open games Mondays at 10:30 am

Fight Dementia — Play Bridge!

 Welcome to Great Bay bridge!  Game starts at 10:30 am and ends about 2:30 pm with a short break for lunch.  We hold regular charity games (extra masterpoints!) and have lots of fun. We charge each player $6.00 to play in our game.  Last Monday of every month is complimentary PIZZA! PIZZA!

Dec. 13th is our Christmas Party (and Happy Hanukkah!)
Portsmouth Country Club. Please contact Ms. Carol Poirier (207) 703-4274 for game and dinner pre-registration.

For reopening after Covid-19 pandemic:
  • All players must be FULLY vaccinated
    Each person must present proof of vaccination, and two weeks passed since the final shot. Players that do not provide proof will not be permitted to play or kibitz. You only need to present proof of vaccination once to play regularly in our games.
  • Senior Center does not require you to wear a mask, although it is recommended.
  • We will have bottles of hand sanitizer located around the playing area.
  • Snacks and refreshments will be available. We will also break for lunch. 
  • Any person feeling ill is expected to stay home. Any person exhibiting Covid-like symptoms will be asked to leave with game fee refunded. Any person later testing positive for Covid-19 is expected to notify the Club of such with the date of the test.
  • The Club will not attempt to sterilize the actual playing cards due to the sheer impracticality of doing that. 

Parking is available on either side of the Senior Activity Center. Please enter the building through the front door. The Director is our normal standby as a fill-in partner. However, when the game gets very large we cannot guarantee a partner since the ACBL prohibits a playing director. Come early for the best chance of securing a partner, or call one of the contacts listed below two days before the game:

Club Points of Contact
David Lawrence: 603-609-8109
Pam Robinson: 207-752-7664
Ron Ouellet: 603-674-7478

Club Directors
Larr Cheetham: 603-623-0123
Skip Page: 845-341-7178

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